Herewith we present our latest innovation in the field of tube forming:
The patent-pending speedFORMING process for producing variable wall thicknesses has been used in large-scale production since the beginning of 2021. Compared to the conventional tube with constant wall thickness, it does not only offer a purely weight-optimized lightweight construction solution. In fact, different strength levels can also be created partially. Therefore, application-optimized components can be generated for the respective load case.

The speedFORMING process used in cold forming is suitable for the production of rotationally symmetric components - rotor shafts, steering shafts, drive shafts, seating tubes… The process offers the greatest possible flexibility: It no longer matters whether your application requires variable wall thicknesses only on the outside, only on the inside or on the outside and inside diameters - and all this without any lightweight construction costs. Talk to us about your applications and discover the opportunities of this technology.

speedFORMING 2
speedFORMING 3