Rotor shafts for E-mobility

Rotor shaft

Your specialty

You are a manufacturer of transmissions or drivetrain systems.

Your requirement

You need thick-walled, partly profiled tubes with variable diameters. In addition, the product must have formed splines. It is to be manufactured in a design-oriented yet at the same time inexpensive manner.

Your rotor shafts – Our Solution

We integrate cutting and non-cutting forming operations. For us to achieve an efficient performance, we closely collaborate with carefully selected relieable suppliers of materials and specialists for heat treatment.

Example of rotor shafts

Scope of processing of rotor shafts

  • Reduction of the shaft diameters by means of cold forming
  • CNC turning
  • Cutting or non-cutting fabrication of the spine
  • Hardening of the tubular shafts
  • Grinding of the bearing seats
Rotor shaft 2
Rotor shaft 3
Rotor shaft 4
Rotor shaft 5
Rotor shaft 6
Rotor shaft 7
Rotor shaft 8
Rotor shaft 9
Rotor shaft 10