Cold forming & lightweight design

Cold is cost-efficient

Everybody wants to save costs! We make it very easy for you. By means of low cycle times and efficient utilisation of the material, we can produce more efficiently. Less material is needed in the axial forming of tube ends and you save a lot of energy. In addition, the fibre direction is optimised and you get a component with the highest level of strength. All material properties are increased in cold forming.

We make it lighter for you!

Achieving a lot with little material: Lightweight construction does not only protect our environment because hundreds of tons of steel can be saved each year, but it also makes your product much more efficient. We combine the advantages of cold forming with the high potential of lightweight construction. This means that the increased material properties make components with an immense mechanical resilience possible.

Material should only be placed where it is needed, that is why we incorporate the lightweight construction concept in the design engineering, materials, forming and joining technology. We utilise the machining opportunities for steel materials in full – on top of that, we also make lightweight parts from a mix of materials for you.

Infoflyer for Axial metal forming:
Download, Infoflyer Axial metal forming (PDF)

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